Lee Woodward

About Lee Woodward

Designer, producer, editor and presenter of multimedia education for progressive real estate agents, leaders and businesses; author of The Complete Salesperson Course and multiple books.

Throughout his thirty-plus year award-winning real estate career, Lee Woodward has always been a step or two ahead of the industry he serves with a passion. As an innovator and disruptor, Lee's dynamic, world-class business systems, educational courses, and leadership solutions have enabled thousands of real estate professionals and leaders to excel in their chosen careers and countless businesses to thrive in all conditions.

Making his mark early when he embarked on his real estate career in 1992, Lee reached the top 2% of sales agents in the country within his first year and broke multiple sales records in a compressed time. From the start, he made it his mission to improve consumer perception of real estate agents and enhance professionalism within the industry. As founder and CEO of Real Estate Academy, he did more than accomplish his mission; he turned the industry on its head by shifting the focus from sales to service and blending digital technology with technique.

An esteemed sales coach, systems designer, presenter and author of The Complete Salesperson Course and multiple books, Lee transitioned to Head of Digital Education in January 2022. He decided to serve better the ever-changing needs of real estate professionals, leaders and businesses as they move to digital technology in response to consumer demand and global trends.

Lee is the hired gun for many companies, who want to produce digital training - known as TOD (Training On-Demand). Working closely with each client from concept, production to completion, he utilises a self-paced blended Learning for the Understanding model to produce a tailored TOD that meets their specific needs and simplifies the complex for ease of comprehension and on-the-job activation. Created in his purpose-built multimedia recording studio, each TOD may be updated on-demand and accessed multiple times by various users. The beauty is that each TOD lives on in each client's business for consistently repeatable performance across the board. To date, Lee has produced TODs and other forms of multimedia productions for business owners, entire real estate groups, elite real estate agents, and even some professional, well-known sportspeople. His work is now available in eight countries.

Lee is a coach for all agents at every stage of their career. He uses a proven method and model which can be replicated and measured. He has walked the walk and continues to talk the talk which keeps me on track to achieve my business goals. His new ideas and initiatives are at the forefront of the industry which empower us agents to keep a step ahead of the competition.

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