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Auctions have always been regarded as a highly effective real estate sales method for achieving peak value for vendors. But the majority of Australian agents tend to baulk at the idea of going to auction unless all the stars align perfectly - a seller's market, a unique or special property or circumstances and an auction savvy marketplace. As a result, only a small percentage of properties across Australia on average is listed for auction each year. And yet auction advocates know and consistently prove that a well-run auction can benefit just about any type of seller, p roperty type and market conditions.

Up until now, only the industry's top agents have possessed the skills to navigate the additional challenges that auctions present to create repeatable auction success. Friendly Auctions address those challenges from an entirely new angle. By focusing on making the process friendlier on buyers, sellers and in turn, agents, the Friendly Auction System gives you the tools you need to consistently nail the auction process.

The Friendly Auction System is the result of evolving the traditional auction to suit the modern marketplace. Almost a decade in the making, the system has been thoroughly tested in marketplaces, from those where auctions run hot to those where [they auctions] are strongly resisted by buyers, sellers and agents. In each marketplace, they have resulted in a better acceptance of auctions, greater bidder numbers and superior clearance rates.

Whether you're just beginning your auction journey or you're an 'auction champion' looking to gain a new edge over your competition, this book will add some powerful new tools to your auction toolkit.

Every book purchase comes with access to the Friendly Auctions members area featuring exclusive downloads.


Friendly Auctions auction checklists & resources - Mark Kentwell


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