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Real Estate Academy’s in-house training sessions can be custom designed to suit your own particular brand and training needs.

In-house training is aimed at dedicated real estate sales professionals who are looking to advance through structured, privately conducted training sessions. Sessions can be custom designed to suit your own particular brand and training needs. Our premier coaching system caters for small or large groups and can be conducted monthly, bi-monthly, or in a high intensity two-day format.

The system ensures progress by

Providing an opportunity to assess participants' strengths and weaknesses in relation to the 4 major skill sets required in our industry –

  • Prospecting (Find)
  • Winning the business (List)
  • Vendor management (Communicate)
  • Buyer management and negotiation (Sell)

Allowing individuals to build on existing strengths by learning, practising and mastering advanced skills.
Providing the opportunity to overcome any obvious weaknesses within a supportive environment.

This style of coaching is perfect for monitoring change, as each interactive session allows for a review and general discussion of individual challenges and results. From our experience, the most effective method of sales coaching is to work through a series of specific modules that encourage participants to learn and apply standard scripts and dialogues through role-plays. Upon completion of each module, participants apply the strategy in their normal working environment.

In-House Training

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